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How to Increase Open & Click-Through Rates with Email Video

Video email is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to communicate information in an engaging and memorable way, helping to build brand awareness and drive engagement.

To get it right, video email marketing takes careful preparation and planning From compatibility issues to file size, there are many barriers to a seamless user experience.

In this blog, we will explain how to send a video via the right e-mail so you can increase open rates, clicking rates, and video plays

Table of contents

Advantages of video email marketing

How to do a video email marketing campaign

How to upload and format your video email

Tips on how to make your video email a success

Advantages of video email marketing

Over the past two years, the average person has gone from around eight hours of online video per week to sixteen hours per week.

This huge increase is also reflected in the fact that 86% of people say they want to see even more videos in the brand's emails.

Unsurprisingly, 92% of marketers say using video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

These numbers undoubtedly mean one thing: there is a clear affinity with video content.

Video email grabs attention

Video attracts attention and is easier to consume than text In fact, the human brain processes images 600,000 times faster than text.

Video emails build trust and connection with your audience or subscribers

When you email videos, it can help you add face and personality to your brand. When your audience has the chance to connect with someone, they can get a feel for your brand's value which helps build trust and establish a more meaningful connection.

Simple, short snippets like sharing tips or giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look.

How to do a video email marketing campaign

Following best practices on how a video will be sent by e-mail will help you achieve your courier campaign goals. Here are a few steps that make your video email marketing campaign is a success.

Plan your video email campaign goals

Consider the goals of your email campaign so that you can clearly plan your goals. For any given campaign, it is best to stick to a specific goal. Common goals of the video messaging campaign include building brand awareness, announcing special events or offers, and key leaders.

Before joining an idea, follow this planning process for the best way to use the video:

Plan specific marketing strategies to use during your campaign.

Select a segment of your target audience.

Do market research to find out what kind of videos your competition is using and which tend to be the most successful.

Gather information about the likelihood that your target audience will watch your video on their phone or computer.

Create a detailed marketing budget that includes everything from research on the video production market.   

Prepare your to-do list, assign roles and responsibilities, and stick to your plan.

Create your eye-catching video

Keep it short

Your audience is more inclined to lose interest if your video is too long logistically, even the longest videos are more difficult to include in an email.  When shooting your video, be sure to keep it short and interesting.

Share for more visibility 

Even if you choose to embed or host your video, it is also advised to upload your videos on popular hosted video platforms like YouTube Facebook. When you embed YouTube videos in emails, you can increase the chances that your video will be shared and viewed beyond your mailing list.

How to upload and format your email video for marketing

Before you format your email, you must decide where to store the video That said, since larger videos lead to slower load times, you will need to be careful with how you email the videos.

Here are the three main options in which you can host your video email:

Embed the video into your email. To make sure that your video can be played directly from the email, you can embed it in the email. However, only a few email service providers allow video playback in messages, and the requirements of email clients are different.

Host the video on proprietary platforms. If you have your own website, you can host your video on your own webpage or on a dedicated landing page. When it's time to create your email campaigns, you can include a miniature video image and link to your website or your destination page. This option increases views and visits to the site Download the video on a hosting platform. You can put your video for email marketing to a video hosting platform, such as YouTube. You can also embed them into your website or landing pages.

Once your video is uploaded, you should know how to email videos that will actually be opened. Here are four popular ways to strategically include your video in your email message.

Embed videos with HTML5 video codes

Embedded videos in emails can support a seamless experience because the integrations allow subscribers to play the video directly from their email browser You can embed a video in an email by encoding it in the message with HTML5. To embed a video in an email, you or your developer will need to edit the email's HTML5 video code.

Integrating your email is a great way to make sure your subscribers can watch your video without leaving their windows. However, be sure to preview before sending as the amount of support for embedded videos varies between different email providers.

Softbits team makes it easy to integrate YouTube or Vimeo video into email You can also preview your emails on various devices before clicking Send through our inbox preview tool, which will help to ensure your email appears as intended before you send it out your campaign.

Attach MP4 video file to the email

Sending an MP4 file to your subscribers is an easy way to send the standard video email attachment. To attach an MP4 file, click on the “attach” icon in your email client (this is usually represented by a paper clip) and select the video file to attach.

Note that most email clients allow them a maximum of 25 MB for attached files. For reference, a one-minute HD quality video is approximately 105MB. If your video exceeds this size, a potential workaround is to upload the file to a cloud-based archive For Gmail, this is Google Drive. For Outlook, it’s OneDrive.  Apple has its own iCloud.

There are two main disadvantages of attaching an MP4 file. Many email clients and email marketing platforms do not support attachments, which limits sending emails from individual accounts. Also, since the attached files are located at the bottom of the email, it's a good idea to always include an eye-catching image or animated GIF thumbnail in the email.

Link to video through a GIF or image

One method of sending a video email is to link it through a screenshot of the video or an animated GIF, perhaps with a play symbol overlay. After clicking on the video link, your subscriber will be taken to your landing page or website where they can watch the video and continue to explore your offerings.


YouTube link

Link if you include a YouTube URL in a Gmail email, the video will appear as a readable attachment to subscribers using Gmail. The URL works for everyone, but Gmail users will have the smoothest experience. Similar to an embedded video, adding a YouTube link ensures that subscribers can play the clip in the email window. It's a useful way for subscribers to view your video without leaving the email.

Tips on how to make your video email a success

When sending a video email, there are a few best key points to follow. Include your link or CTA button in the middle or end of the video. Include your link or CTA button in the middle or end of the video the midroll or final roll is when viewers are most engaged and therefore most likely to click and convert. Your videos should look cohesive. If you use the same person or background in your videos, your audience will start to recognize that person, which helps establish a personal connection with your brand.

Final thoughts

Video email is a unique way to engage your audience with visual content when they’re expecting simple text and images.

As you give video email marketing a try, continue to monitor analytics and user engagement and see how your subscribers respond. By following our guide, you can begin to benefit from this exciting trend in digital marketing.